Web Application
Reverse Engineering
Malware Analysis
Target Attack


  • Web Application
    Developing countermeasures by analyzing the threats that can cause infringement from external / insider viewpoints of web application and web infrastructure assets
  • Reverse Engineering
    Derive and analyze security vulnerabilities in commercial software to protect against reverse engineering
  • Online Game Hacking
    Derive and analyze client / server levels of online games to protect against illegal programs targeting online games
  • Target Attack
    Black Box penetration testing from hackers viewpoints with no additional information of web application or infrastructure

Penetration Testing

A scenario in which a hacker breaks in from the outside and a scenario in which a user has a malicious purpose in the inside

Skillsets & Experiences

Web Application Hacking
Secure Coding
Reverse Engineering
Online Game Hacking
Malwares Analysis
Mobile Application Hacking
Zero Day Bug Hunting
Embedded Device Hacking
Operating ROK Army Hacking Content
ROK Army Incident Response Training
Gwangju Information Security Center Security Training
Construct Cyber Attack & Defense (T-AND)
Vulnerability analysis and inspection with government agencies and private companies
Perform multiple penetration testing
ROK Air Force Security Training