Next Generation Cyber Attack & Defense Training System

Main features of T-AND

Provide vulnerable version of server to all team members
Each participants in T-AND training set as server operator to protect server from other participant’s attack
Also, each participants also attack other participant’s server using 1-day or 0-day vulnerabilities

Provides server environment for attacks using basic security vulnerabilities and latest security issues
A training system that can be applied to servers while patching and defending vulnerabilities by participant
Each participants can learn both attack and defense skills

Benefits of T-AND

Offensive Security
-Provide real-world server configuration while training
-Provide vulnerable environment applied latest hacking skills
-Improve hacking skills through exploit code writing
Defensive Security
-Pattern analysis of latest hacking skills
-Forensic aspect of System Log, Source Code, File system
-Secure server configuration, skills of secure coding
  • Attack & Defense on
    latest hacking skills

  • Security training on
    various environments

  • Exploit code
    writing / analysis