Malicious URL Portal Service

Real-Time collection and analysis of malicious URLs worldwide

Global malicious URL portal service

Detect malicious URL for global domains and manage it as our database system that provide portal service

Check the actions of all sites in the world to see if malicious scripts or actions are injected.

Trends of malicious URL

Inject malware download link into website where normal user access often
Drive By Download Attack using major software vulnerability
Normal user infect malware while accessing website

Features of BADWARE.INFO

Non-VM based headless web-browsing technology
About 1/10 Speed enhancement comparing with Virtual Machine based detection
Able to detect live-event of websites
Able to detect obfuscated JavaScript action
Our own Exploit Kit databases
Our own 1-day vulnerability patterns linked with Exploit Kit
Extract specific information of each Exploit Kits
Environment Independent analysis

Benefits of BADWARE.INFO

Known Malicious URL pattern
-Our own Exploit Kit database
-Malicious URL history management system
-Pattern match and analysis using Rapid-scan technology
Unknown Malicious URL pattern
-Malicious URL injection detection
-Depth based website monitoring
-Handling JavaScript obfuscation
  • Malicious URL
    History Management

  • Active Web Security
    Threat Response

  • Live Malicious URL
    Distribution Database

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